Charlie Greengould Meets Himself


And looking back, I cannot say
why I made the choice I made that day.
I stumbled through, thought I’d explore.
I didn’t see what lay in store.
‘Cause I got lost,
I got left alone.
And try as I might,
every day every night,
I never found my way back home.

Just try to imagine what it’d be like to find yourself so mislaid.
To spend years watching hundreds of versions of you live the life from which you’d walked away.
Saw my own life unfold down a million paths, but it wasn’t my life at all.
Saw a million stories in a million worlds, but I was just a fly on the wall.
And needless to say this was not quite the way
to a meaningful life or a single good day
and I wanted to run, to just run away,
it’s true.
But I didn’t know what I could do...

‘Cause I was lost!
I was trapped behind the glass,
I was stuck inside the cage,
pinned in front-row center seats,
when I should’ve been on the stage.
And the days went by,
and the months went by,
and the years went by,
and I aged.

Then one day I saw, like a nebulous dream that comes clear when you awake,
my old life was gone, but new lives were there, just waiting for me to take.
Nothing could stop me from finding a Charlie and using his life for my own.
I could be them, I could get what I needed, and no one would ever know.
And though needless to say it was only a shade
of my previous life or my previous days,
well, I took what I had, and I used what I made,
it’s true.
Because what else could I do?

And I was lost!
I had broken through the glass,
But each life was still a cage.
I would use it up for what I could,
then throw it all away.
and the days went by,
and the months went by,
and the years went by,
and I’d changed.

So now you know, now you see.
I came by you incidentally.
You wanted answers; there’s none from me.
You’re nothing special...
You’re nothing special...
You’re nothing special...

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